Howard Nock


Like most aviation enthusiasts, Howard spent most of his youth dreaming about flying. As a young adult he achieved his childhood dream by getting his Private license. This wasn't enough, so he went on to get his Instrument rating and Commercial license. Still not enough. Somewhere along the ride Howard developed a new dream - to become an instructor so he could be part of training other pilots. Before he knew it, he and his wife were operating a part 141 flight school with one hundred students and twelve airplanes.

Through the flight school Howard made new connections and went on to a career as a corporate pilot where flying jets became a reality. Over the next several years came many jet type ratings and travel to a lot of exotic places and even opportunities to continue to instruct young first officers. 

So now, finally, after accumulating 14,000 hours of flight time in everything from a C152 to a Challenger jet, it is time to go back to where the fun began - with small planes and simpler times.

Words from former students:

"I am forever grateful for the opportunities you have given me throughout my teenage and early adult years. Without your leadership, trust, and encouragement, I may not have had the opportunity to learn to fly and ultimately enjoy a rewarding career in aviation." 

"What a great start Howard and Laurie gave me and so many others in aviation. They were always more than just a flight school and a FBO."