Andy Solomon

AGI, CFI, Commercial

Most of Andy’s younger days were spent at local airports, watching planes, washing planes, and hoping for a ride whenever one came available. He built his first model airplane before he was six years old. Flying was a passion of his since his early childhood. He learned to fly out of a grass strip in upstate New York and obtained an instrument rating in the busy New York/New Jersey airspaces. After moving to Florida and getting a Commercial, MEL, AGI, and CFI he began teaching students at Lakeland, Bartow, and Plant City. He flew ferry flights for Globe Aero occasionally, and was General Manager for Columbia Air Services FBO at LAL. He flew many Young Eagle flights and did occasional rides for local teachers, schools, and church groups. Over the years he flew a variety of aircraft including military aircraft, helicopters, and jets. He’s done some aerobatic flying with friends at Lakeland, commercial trips, and most of all enjoys teaching people to fly at Bartow Flying Service.